HiGlass is a tool for exploring large genomic data sets. It was created at the Gehlenborg Lab at Harvard Medical School as part of the 4D Nucleome Project's Data Coordination and Integration Center.


HiGlass is published in Genome Biology (August 24th, 2018). If you use HiGlass in your work, please cite:

Kerpedjiev, P., Abdennur, N., Lekschas, F., McCallum, C., Dinkla, K., Strobelt, H., ... & Gehlenborg, N. (2018). HiGlass: Web-based visual comparison and exploration of genome interaction maps. Genome Biology, 19(125).

Source Code

All the code for HiGlass is open source and available on GitHub:


  1. Peter Kerpedjiev
  2. Nezar Abdennur
  3. Chuck McCallum
  4. Fritz Lekschas
  5. Scott Ouellette
  6. Kasper Dinkla
  7. Hendrik Strobelt
  8. Jacob Luber
  9. Grace Hwang
  10. Alaleh Azhir
  11. Nikhil Kumar
  12. Burak Alver
  13. Hanspeter Pfister
  14. Leonid Mirny
  15. Peter Park
  16. Nils Gehlenborg